Omega Race 2009

Omega Race 2009 1.2

Cool glowing remake of an 80s arcade relic!


  • Looks great
  • Control is precise
  • Faithful remake


  • Maybe too hard for some players

Very good

Omega Race 2009 is a remake of a fairly obscure 1981 arcade game. It's a vector based shooter, a little like Asteroids.

This 2009 remix features glowing neon colored vector graphics, similar to Geometry Wars, and attractive backdrops. What makes Omega Race 2009 unusual for a one screen shooter is that your score, progress and lives are displayed in a big box in the center of the screen. The action happens in the rectangle around that. Your ship can rotate and thrust, bounce off walls, and has a Asteroids-like pea-shooter gun. Each level consists of waves of enemies that have to be cleared to continue.

Fans of hardcore, old-school retro games will be in heaven with Omega Race 2009. It's a very faithful remake, with no modern luxuries like save games or continues! You have three lives, and gain more only by hitting score milestones. The thrust and turn movement make it a pretty challenging game but once you get the hang of it, it's good fun.

The bad things about Omega Race 2009 will only apply to people who don't like this kind of faithful remake. It's very hard, you can't save progress and there are no difficulty settings. This won't bother everyone! There are some useful settings, like screen resolutions, turning the background on and off and checking for updates.

Omega Race 2009 is as purist a remake as you will find, but it's brilliantly done, and plays really well. This type of game may not attract the 3D generation, but if you get into high score setting it will be really addictive

Omega Race 2009


Omega Race 2009 1.2

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